Top 20 Best Overwatch League Skins Ranked

If “Overwatch” League teams had known that the color schemes they picked to represent themselves would be used for character skins, I’m not so sure they would’ve picked the same colors. Looking at some of the bizarre mismatches of color combinations and characters, it’s pretty obvious that nobody told them this factoid. Others, seemingly blessed with extreme foresight chose color schemes that look amazing when thrown onto specific characters.  Let’s take a look at the latter with my personal take on the top 20 best “Overwatch” League skins.

20. McCree –  Shanghai Dragons

Overwatch McCree

Though a lot of people might disagree with me, I think this skin is kinda cool because it looks like McCree is half wearing a cowboy-themed Iron Man suit. I mean, those gloves literally look like they were ripped right off of Tony Stark.

19. Hanzo – Shanghai Dragons

Overwatch Hanzo

I personally don’t really like the color scheme for the Shanghai Dragons, but I do think they work out with both McCree and Hanzo. While McCree has his Iron-man thing going on, it just seems funny that the guy who wields a dragon ultimate runs around with “Dragon” printed out on his shirt.

18. Mei – Dallas FuelOverwatch Mei

Random fact, blue is my favorite color. Before I had seen the Dallas Fuel color scheme, I didn’t think there could be such a thing as “too much” blue… and now I know that apparently that’s not true. Despite my feelings towards this, I have to admit that a lot of the characters look pretty decent rocking an all blue skin. Mei’s skin in particular stands out as it matches perfectly with her ice-theme and original look.

17. Torbjörn – Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch Torbjörn

As you’ll soon see making your way down this list, I really like Seoul Dynasty’s color picks. Gold and black is such a sleek, sophisticated look. They go well with Torbjörn’s mechanized look and the little tiger print on the front of his belt is a nice finishing touch.

16. Symmetra – Los Angeles Gladiators

Overwatch Symmetra Skin

The LA Gladiators’ purple and black scheme is definitely one of my top 3 favorite team colors. It’s stylish and stands out without being too gaudy or overbearing. The colors really match well aesthetically with a lot of different characters. Compared with other OWL Symmetra skins, I think the LA Gladiator one is by far the best.

15. Winston – Philadelphia FusionOverwatch Winston

Much like my McCree rationale, I like the Philadelphia Fusion skin for Winston because it reminds me a lot of a certain orange armor-wearing physicist from “Half-Life.” Maybe this version of Winston is some alternate-universe Gordan Freeman.

14. Sombra – Los Angeles GladiatorsOverwatch League Sombra

That “just right” classy look that the LA Gladiators’ color scheme brings to its skins really shines with Sombra. It fits her so well aesthetically you’d think it was her default skin!

13. Tracer – London SpitfireOverwatch League Tracer

To be blunt, I’m not a big fan of the colors chosen by the London Spitfires. I honestly feel that the only character that their colors match well with is Tracer. It isn’t too different stylistically from her default skin and in my opinion, is easily one of the better looking Tracer OWL skins because it fits with her personality so well.

12. Soldier:76 – Philadelphia FusionOverwatch League Soldier76

Sorry guys, this is the last one I swear…

…Soldier 76 – Shippuden version. 😆 

How can anyone not love this skin simply for the fact that it looks like Soldier 76 cosplaying as Naruto?

11. Widowmaker – Los Angeles GladiatorsOverwatch League Widowmaker

Probably the sleekest and sexiest skin in the game. I think several of the different OWL skins look great on Widowmaker, but this one stood out to me the most. It seems a bit like an enhanced version of her default skin and really seems to match her quite well.

10. Lucio – Houston OutlawsOverwatch League Lucio

Our first entry from the Houston Outlaws makes its way at #10! I really like the colors they chose for their team so you’ll be seeing a lot more skins from them as we make our way to the bottom of this list.

I think the black and green scheme looks even better than Lucio’s default blue and green. Compared with the other OWL skins, this one gives Lucio the sharpest look, while still being something that fits with him thematically.


9. Zenyatta – Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Zenyatta

Here’s Houston Outlaws #2 with Zenyatta. For a robot monk who preaches harmony through interpersonal connections, this skin seems to elicit a very different emotion. I don’t know why, but I think on Zenyatta, these particular colors evoke a rather creepy sensation. When was the last time you were creeped out by a skin in any game? It’s not often that a skin makes me feel anything, and for that reason, I believe this one deserves a special mention.

8. Ana – Florida MayhemOverwatch League Ana

The one and only Florida Mayhem skin on this list belongs to Ana! I can’t say that I like the color scheme all that much, but as with the London Spitfires and Tracer, it seems to be just right on Ana. Since Ana is supposed to be a sniper from Egypt, I think this outfit seems actually better suited as camo rather than her default cloak with the dark blue undertones.

7. Pharah – Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League Pharah

As I mentioned earlier, I feel Seoul Dynasty’s color picks are among the best in the OWL and make for some really impressive skins. I don’t think there’s a single one that isn’t aesthetically awesome. There’s something about that gold and black that just brings the style to the max. In Pharah’s case, it just makes sense stylistically as she was trained to use her combat suit which was presumably created in Egypt. Given Egypt’s royal heritage, it would make a lot of sense for a special suit to be emblazoned in a lot of gold and silver.

6. Doomfist – Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League Doomfist

Here we go again – Seoul Dynasty again with Doomfist at #6. Compared with his original skin, this one ups the coolness factor without deviating from his style. A lot of the other OWL skins for Doomfist are a bit too over the top color-wise in my opinion, so I really appreciate this one.

5. Mercy – Seoul DynastyOverwatch League Mercy

Third time in a row – Seoul Dynasty’s Mercy skin keeps her looking clean yet stylish. This is by far Mercy’s best OWL skin and one of her best skins overall.

4. Reaper – Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Reaper

I really like the little details put into some of the OWL skins so it should as no surprise I love this Reaper skin. “Outlaw” written on the side of his gun just matches him so well that it gives this skin 100 bonus points for coolness.

3. Reinhardt – Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Reinhardt

Reinhardt is one of those few characters where almost every single skin at least looks decent on him and many of them are just straight up fantastic looking. It was hard picking out my favorite Reinhardt OWL skin, but in the end, I had to give it to the Houston Outlaws version. There’s something about the green and black that make him look futuristic, intimidating, and smooth all at the same time.

2. Genji – Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Genji

Similar to Reinhardt, Genji looks good rocking any of the OWL skins. Unlike Reinhardt, it was easy to pick out my favorite. The green and black colors of the Houston Outlaws elevate his coolness to a whole new level.

1. D.Va – Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League DVa

Hands down the best OWL skin is D.Va’s. The artists working on applying the gold and black color scheme to the skin did such an awesome job. This one has it all! Small details like the tiger logo on the front, the classiness of the look plus the poses, and the great work on the gold patterns make this my favorite OWL skin.


So that’s my personal take on the top OWL skins. Haven’t seen the complete collection yet? You can find a comprehensive list on this helpful Reddit post by u/WhatsShimada.

Craving more OWL skins? There’s another 12 additional skins that were recently announced which can only be obtainable by fans having the OWL All Access Pass.


All photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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