5 Hella Underrated Tycoon Sims

Tycoon sims are a genre where you’re thrust into the shoes of an up-and-coming businessperson, tasked with developing your business from the ground up until you’re worth millions of dollars. Perfect for casual gaming, and yet also a huge driver of inner entrepreneurial impulses! Here are five tycoon sims we at EXP.gg think people don’t play enough.

1. “Big Biz Tycoon”

In this game, you control a mega-enterprise spanning every business concern from games to office suites to military equipment. You have to assign each employee the task to which they are most suited according to their stats. FROM EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY, TO EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR NEED! *Soviet anthem begins playing*

2. “Donald Trump’s Real Estate  Tycoon”

Before Trump was Cheeto-Commander-in-Chief, he was the King of Properties. This 2002 game has him giving you tips to become a real estate magnate in your own right (just make sure you seal up those totally-not-shady tax returns, amirite?)

3. “Mall Tycoon”

A mall is a sacred place. It’s where you hang out with your squad, go on bad dates, fill up that dumpster of a stomach you’ve got, or catch the latest dreck Hollywood calls “a movie”. In this game, fill the shoes of a mall manager as you add to the amenities of your humble shopping plaza to attract more customers, arrange your tenants for maximum profits, and hire and fire employees at will.

4. “Atlantis Tycoon”

Like SimCity, but underwater! Atlantis Tycoon is a delightfully and deliberately silly little game where you get to build your own metropolis in the deep. As mayor, grow your city to become the most prosperous in the Seven Seas! Elon Musk probably practiced his plans to build a city on Mars with this game.

5. “Virtual Resort: Spring Break”

A cool breeze in the air, a pina colada in your hand, and the clear blue depths stretching as far as the eye can see. The tropics can be heaven on earth. But first, you have to make it so! (Number One.) Build amenities like a concert hall, a casino and so on to keep the tourists happy (and your coffers, too!)

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