8 Pieces of Advice For All You FPS Noobs

Have you ever immersed yourself in a certain FPS only to keep being stabbed/shot/’naded every single time you turn a corner? Maybe you’ve become so jaded you’ve even resorted to cheating? Well, here’s some advice from your friendly neighbourhood EXP.gg for better playing!

1.  Don’t be afraid of dying

Most first-time gamers try and play it safe. But you’re not gonna learn anything that way. If you’re in a game that lets you respawn after a while (basically every FPS ever), take every risk you can to calculate and analyze the patterns of the opposition. Of course, you obviously don’t wanna Leeroy Jenkins it too.

2.  Take time to learn the map

Continuing with the first point’s theme, the map is the most pivotal element of gameplay. Take your time to learn everything in the map, because your traipsing around the map becomes a little less fun when the enemy can just shoot a single barrel and everything around you, yourself included, blows up in lockstep.

3.  Study the enemy’s strategy

During the game, recce out your enemy’s moves before making one yourself. Whether they attack individually or as a group, camp or flank, or something else, it’ll be much better than just running blind into an ambush.

4. Choose the class/weapon that’s good for you

Great teamwork means nothing when you don’t work so great with the weaponry you wield. Every player has their own preferences. Take notes, and make the class that suits your specs your daily driver.

5. Train with real players, not bots

Practicing your aim is the ONE thing you cannot forget. Some games provide a training level for your aim with bots as enemies. You fool. You have dishonoured yourself by participating in such a sham. You must return to the real battlefield, and fight like a Klingon warrior against real enemies! Qa’pla!

6. Don’t overdo it with mouse sensitivity

Sensitivity is how fast your pointer moves in response to input from your mouse/trackpad. Everyone has their own preferences. Make sure you find the right balance for you and you alone!

7. Put overall objective before a kill

We know, we know, your main goal in playing an FPS is to kill people and to do it awesomely. BUT, never put terminating a tango above achieving your actual mission objective (except in Deathmatch mode, obvi.)

8. Practice, practice, practice!

Get all the above down pat and you might just have a fighting chance at winning. But nothing beats the enemy like rote practicing. You’ll sharpen your instincts and experience. This isn’t too important for casual gamers, but if you’re in eSports, this is the thing you gotta pay attention to most.

So, what do you think of our little list of tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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