Even Buttstagram Star Jen Selter Is Jumping On The Fortnite Bandwagon

It seems everybody (Hi Drake, Logan Paul!) is hopping on the Fortnite bandwagon but things just got real. Intagram butt-star Jen Stelter recently posted a photo of her playing – what else – Fortnite and calling out for duo’s and asking for gamertags. Apparently her game platform of choice is Xbox One.


Jen Stelter is ‘back on her grind’ everyone…

Ha ha. Subtle.

Jen Selter is known for her shapely behind and has built a massive following of 11 million Instagrammers posting a variety of poses highlighting her, uh, assets.


So now we’ve got Drake, Logan and Jake Paul and Jen Selter. Now that the celebrity Fortnight trend is officially in full swing, we wonder who the next “gamer” will be to get into the Fortnight mix.


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