American Vlogger Logan Paul Being Massively Disrespectful In Japan Smashing Gameboys, Accosting Passersby As Pokemon

For those of you who are unfamiliar with American vlogger Logan Paul, he is one of the most popular Youtubers, with an army of adolescent fans hanging on his every video. Recently, Paul headed to Japan where he entered the “Suicide Forest,” unsurprising came across a suicide and equally unsurprisingly for Paul, decided to film and upload it

. For which, he was forced to delete the video and appologize after the huge backlash and criticism from a fairly united Internet, well, aside from his “Logang” (what he calls his fans).

But here’s the thing, lost in the fiasco the suicide video created was the not-quite-as-bad-but-still-pretty-shitty rest of the Japan trip vlogs.


Here’s Paul dressed as Pokemon hurling pokeballs at cars and passersby

Now we get Paul buying a Gameboy, smashing it to bits, and trying to return it

If you really, really want to see more, please read on.

Here’s a lowlight reel of his most disrespectful moments

Paul is now “taking time to reflect” on his actions regarding the suicide forest video, but lets hope he manages to do the same around all of his actions including treating Japan and Asia in general like his own version of Disneyland.

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