《Marvel Heroes Omega》即將終止營運?!

《漫威英雄(Marvel Heroes Omega)》於16日時曾宣佈於官網公告指出將於今年最後一天關閉伺服器,但日前亦有消息流出指遊戲將會於日內終止營運。

漫威英雄 Marvel Heroes 結止營運

報導指出,Gazillion的CEO DaveDohrmann在信中向員工聲明,亦證實公司面臨著嚴重的財政問題:「雖然銀行看到Gazillion有意繼續新一年的發展,但已經決定不採取任何行動,因此公司需要進行全面性的裁員」。

(原文:The bank has decided not to pursue any course of action that sees Gazillion meaningfully continue into the New Year and this requires that the company terminate its workforce.)

Marvel Heroes Omega

同時,在聲明內也說明將會終止營運遊戲:「由於銀行方面的問題,我們決定於星期五終止 Marvel Heroes Omega 的營運,我們已經準備好直接了當地關閉所有項目。」

(原文:We also intend to shut down Marvel Heroes Omega per the bank and Marvel’s wishes on Friday, November 24, 2017. At Marvel’s request we have prepped succinct messaging and are preparing to shut everything down.)

Marvel Heroes Omega Marvel Heroes Omega


(原文:Staff will not be paid the PTO (paid time off) that they are owed.)


永別了,Marvel Heroes Omega!

Marvel Heroes Omega





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